Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well today my family celebrated my b-day! I got a special b-day dinner that I chose! We had my favorite foods, Gyozo (YUM!) sommen, and this awesome salad! For dessert we had cake and ice cream! It was great! Mike and Laken came over and gave me string cheese, 20 questions, and a sleeping yoyo! Miriam who has dance camp on my b-day gave me a kinda wierd present. Well here is the story, she wrapped a nice present I openned it to find tolet paper 2 rolls, and perfume. Miriam started busting up so I knew it must be a joke. Then at the bottom hidden under some tissue paper was a nice new shirt! Well we all got a good laugh out of that present! MY DAD TOOK PERFUM AND SPRAYED IT ON HIMSELF IT WAS CRAZY! WELL I'LL FILL YOU IN ON MY REAL BIRTHDAY!

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Myranda said...

Go Joseph! Happy Birthday!